Method development, measurement and interpretation of measured values

In analytics, materials of all kinds are examined for their composition using modern analytical equipment. In polymer analysis, the focus is often on additives and fillers, whereas inorganic element analysis often involves impurities. Specialized chemists work with customers to find the most informative and cost-optimized analytical method for their samples of polymers, metals, salts, liquids or organic substances. In order to fully meet customer requirements, Suisse TP offers method development, measurement and interpretation of the measured values neutrally and efficiently from a single source.

The quality of the analysis results is regularly checked and confirmed by SAS, the “Swiss Accreditation Service”, according to ISO17025-STS 023. In addition to this accreditation, relevant areas are also GMP certified and validated; this “good manufacturing process” is continuously monitored by our own internal audits and by Swiss medic.

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